Third Grade


Math links: 

1. What's the ARRAY?

2.  Space ARRAYS

3. Ways to write multiplication

Keyboard and Mouse Practice

1. Seek

2. Bubbles

3. Type Man

4. My Computer Mouse

5. Seussville

Division links:

1. Sharing Equally

2. Khan

3.  Jelly Fish (Great starting point)

4. Demolition Division

5.  Math Fox

6.  Division Machine

7. SNORK!!

Division Snippets

Multiplication Links:

Study Jams


Crazy Taxi

The Timernator

 Fact Navigator

Multiplication Snippets

Geometry Links:

1. Lines of Symmetry

2. Symmetry Game

3.  Vertices, Faces, and Edges

4.  Nets

5.  Quadrilaterals

6.  Quadrilateral Quest

7. Slide Flip Turn

8.  Icy Slides, Flips, Turns

9. Angles Jeopardy

10.  Angle Sort

Measurement Links:

1. Find Perimeter

2. Shape Surveyor

3. IXL Perimeter

4. Engarde

5. Internet 4 Classrooms

6. Measurement

Fraction Links:

Equivalent Fractions

Unit FIVE links:

A. Math Data

B.  Top Marks

C. Brain Pop (make a graph)

D.  Handling Data

Magic Calendar (Thanks Garrett!!!!)

Bedtime Bandits

Stop The Clock

What Time Will It Be?

Tell What Time...

Telling Time

Elapsed Time

Giraffe Race

Funny Song

Time Zone

Unit FOUR links:
Big Count Regrouping

 Moonlight Regrouping

Soft School Regrouping

Visualizing Regrouping

Addition with Regrouping Study Jam

Subtraction Khan

Math is Fun Subtraction Regrouping

Playground Subtract Regrouping

Unit THREE links:

Mathman Rounding 100

Bike Racing Rounding

Sharks Rounding 100

Rounding Dice (ANOTHER Garrett site)

Space Rounding (Thanks Reiss!)

TopMark Word Problems

Crossing Addition Word Problems

Crossing Subtraction Word Problems

Word Problem Quiz (Thanks Garrett!)

Garrett's Fact Family Site!

Missing Addends 1


 Something's Missing

 Halloween Word Problems

Properties Quiz

Missing Addends quiz

Rounding Numbers

Estimating by Rounding

Estimating Sums and Differences

Unit SIX links:


Study Jams


Crazy Taxi

The Timernator

Unit SEVEN links:

Measuring Angles Review

Math Playground Measuring Angles

EZ School Measuring Angle


Unit ONE links: 

1. What's the ARRAY?

2.  Space ARRAYS

3. Ways to write multiplication

Unit TWO links:

1.  Caterpillar

2.  Counting Caterpillar

3. Come To Order

Math Man

Walk the Plank

Place Value

A.  Expanded form

B. Comparing whole numbers

 C. Place value 1 

D. Place value 2 


Number Cracker

Sling Shot

 Math Balloons

 Laser Math

Useful links throughout the year:


2. Edutyping

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3. ABCya Keyboard

4.  Alphabet Rain (stay in home position)

5.  PARCC Practice

6. BBC


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