E-Learning Read

Putting Words Together

1. Putting Words Together

Lexis the Great, a magician, and Photon, his assistant monster, keep it together.

Similar & Opposite Words

2. Similar & Opposite Words

Using magic tricks to discover words that mean the same. Watch out, sometimes they mean the opposite!

Word Recognition

3. Word Recognition

Join Teddy at the carnival to learn your short and long vowel sounds.

Printed Books

4. Printed Books

Tyler will show you around in the library.


5. Pronouns

A Pirate will tell you all about pronouns, if you do it right the treasure is yours.

Welcome to the Jungle

6. Welcome to the Jungle

Monkeys love bananas, now keep him happy!

Welcome to the Fair

7. Welcome to the Fair

Finish the story, while you eat an ice-cream.


8. Phonics

Travel through the jungle with Polly the Parrot to identify vowels, consonants, and rhyming words.

Learning Letters

9. Learning Letters

A jungle full of letters. Meet Blob and his virtual buddies.